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Pathway Endeavors

Our day service program offers a variety of job opportunities and work duties for individuals who join our team and are hired as employees. Work opportunities can be combined and suited for each individual’s personal needs and wants. We will assist each member of our team by offering all of the professional, work related prompts necessary in order for each one to succeed in his or her stage of work place development. The following are the descriptions of our many work area opportunities.

  • “Plarn” Production: (Plarn - plastic yarn) Plastic bags are sorted, measured, cut, joined and rolled into plarn balls. These are then taken to various local churches who knit them into blankets for this in need.
  • Java Plus: Our very own coffee shop which enables members of the team to work in direct contact with consumers from the community. Seasonal crafts and goods made by our individuals are also sold here. Sidewalk advertising, communication and money management skills are involved.
  • Housekeeping Duties: Various office cleaning jobs are rotated on a daily or as needed basis. These may include sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, dusting, stocking, trash removal, windows, etc. Verbal and physical assistance is provided on an individual basis.
  • Recycling: In addition to the reuse of plastic bags to produce plarn, we also work with our individual team members in recycling paper, cans and glass which we take to appropriate community outlets.
  • Outdoor Groundskeeping: Duties to maintain the appearance of our building and properties include lawn maintenance, trimming, mulching, weeding, parking lot attention, leaf blowing, sidewalk sweeping, light snow clearing, etc. Individuals who are able may volunteer to perform these various duties with staff assistance.
  • Seasonal Crafts: Team individuals are involved with the production of seasonal crafts and goods which are then sold in the Java Plus shop to the community. The products are themed for holidays, sports, birthdays, pets, etc., and make perfect gifts. We have recently added ceramics to our list. Team members will work in the production of molding, painting, and baking ceramics in our own kiln.
  • Vehicle maintenance: Duties here may include the exterior and interior cleaning of company vehicles. Also included, could be assistance with such basic vehicle needs as fluid checks and refills, oil changes, tire check, etc. Team individuals would work under the direction of staff.
  • West Main Drive Thru: With the opening of a drive thru business here in the same building as Pathway Endeavors, our individuals are now offered further direct contact with community employment. Work duties are to assist drive thru employee operations with delivery, stocking, cleaning, etc.

With such a variety of job duties and community exposure, Pathway Endeavors is unique among other Adult Day Programs. We look forward to assisting you in your journey toward meaningful employment by joining our team as we “Reach Goals Together.”

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