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Summary of Services


Our philosophy of Supported Living is simple yet profound. To put the needs, choices, and goals of the individuals we serve first and foremost. The methods involved will emphasize the benefits of self-determination in order to enable each individual with the maximum opportunities to exercise choices and options in order to guide them on the pathways to levels of independence that each one is capable of achieving. We will serve these individuals in 24/7 settings or drop-in settings.  We provide assistance in all areas of daily life including housekeeping, cooking, leisure activities, banking, payee services, health and hygiene, recreation, appointments, etc., as directed by the individual's ISP. Independent Pathways, LLC operates as a team. The Director, Program Coordinator, and others in management positions rotate on call duties. Staff members, individuals, and guardians can always expect an immediate response and assistance for emergency situations that may arise.

Why us?

-All employees are thoroughly trained and required to go above and beyond standard duties.

-Methods employed stress empathy and compassion.

-We exceed normal standards in quality and quantity of community and home activities.

-We emphasize a Person Centered approach in all facets of our operation.

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